Candidate Devara Putri Cs’s car broke down while carrying the victim’s body

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Bandung – West Java IX electoral candidate from the Garuda Party,  Devara Putri Prananda  (DP), is one of the suspects in the murder case of a woman named Indriana Dewi Eka Saputri (24).

Devara was named a suspect along with her lover, Didot Alfiansyah (DA), and Muhammad Reza (MR) who were the executors of the murder.

Indriana was murdered in Bukit Pelangi, Cijayanti, Babakan Madang, Bogor, West Java on Tuesday, February 20 2024. Then the three perpetrators dumped her body in the Banjar City area. 

Initially, the suspects planned to throw the victim’s body into the Pangandaran sea. However, on the way, their car apparently broke down.

“In the Kuningan area, West Java, the bottom of the suspect’s car hit a rock so that the car oil leaked and the car broke down, then the suspect DA looked for a crane/ towing with the aim of Banjar City,” explained the Head of Public Relations of the West Java Regional Police, Police Commissioner Jules Abraham Abast, in his statement in Bandung, quoted Tuesday, March 5 2024.

The next day, the suspects and the car containing the victim’s body arrived at an inn in Cisaga Indah. They again rented a crane to take the car to a repair shop in the Banjar City area.

“Finally the car containing the victim’s body was taken to a repair shop to be repaired because the spare parts had to be bought first in Jakarta so it took time, so the car was repaired waiting for the spare parts to arrive,” said Abraham.

The three suspects decided to throw the victim’s body into a ravine about 100 meters from the workshop location.

“The suspect DP and DA cleaned the car because it contained the victim’s odor or liquid which made the car smell. After the body was thrown away, the suspect took the victim’s belongings,” said Abraham.

The victim’s body was finally found on Sunday, February 25 2024, when a cyclist smelled a strong odor at the edge of the ravine.

It is known that this murder case was motivated by a love triangle conflict. Didot is dating Devara. However, at the same time, Didot was also in a relationship with Indriana.

Devara, who was jealous, came up with a condition to prove her love for Didot. This condition is thought to have triggered the murder.

“The motive for this case is a love triangle between suspect DA, suspect DP and victim Indriana Dewi and the suspect wants to control the victim’s property,” said Abraham.

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