HEADLINE: Exciting Surge in PSI Votes in KPU’s Real Count, Will it Pass to Senayan?

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In a matter of days, the vote share of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) jumped significantly. Allegations of vote manipulation also emerged.

On Thursday 29 February 2024 at 07.00 WIB, the General Election Commission (KPU) real count site recorded that the PSI vote was still below 3%, 2.85% to be precise, based on the incoming vote of 65.48% (539,043 out of 823,236 TPS). The next day, on March 1, of the total votes received of 65.62 percent, PSI’s vote became 3%. READ ALSO:

PSI’s vote continues to creep up to 3.13%, based on data received on Monday 4 March at 18.00 WIB as much as 65.86% (542,215 from 823,236 TPS). PSI’s vote share only leaves less than 1 percent to be able to break through the parliamentary threshold of 4 percent and seat its legislative candidates in the DPR RI seats. 

The increase in PSI votes is in the spotlight because previously the party led by President Jokowi’s youngest son, Kaesang Pangarep, was predicted by the quick count results of a number of survey institutions to not pass the parliamentary threshold, with a vote of around 2 to 2.5 percent.

But now, data obtained from the KPU’s real count says otherwise. PSI’s position threatens the United Development Party (PPP), which now has 4.01%.

Chairman of the PPP Advisory Council, Romahurmuziy, suspects that the meteoric rise in votes for the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) occurred in a structured, systematic and massive manner (TSM). This is because there are indications that invalid votes have been shifted to become valid for PSI.

“This is clearly detrimental to the gains of all political parties participating in the election,” said the friendly man known as Romy, Monday (4/3/2024).

He said, if voter participation is assumed to be the same as 2019, then the valid votes per TPS = 81.69 percent x 300 votes = 245 votes per TPS. That means PSI’s vote percentage = 173/245 = 71 percent, and all other parties only 29 percent.

“A very unreasonable number considering that PSI is a new party without deep-rooted infrastructure and I monitor most of the Indonesian legislative candidates with minimal outreach to voters,” said Romy.

To investigate this allegation, Romy encouraged his party to bring in related matters as material for the right of inquiry. His party will urge the summons of all state officials involved, starting from KPPS, PPS, PPK, KPUD and KPU as well as Bawaslu and all its apparatus to uncover these allegations.

“Politically, the DPR will accelerate and make breakthroughs through the right to inquiry so that this kind of election fraud will be stopped!” asked Romy.

Chair of the PSI Board of Trustees Grace Natalie immediately rejected allegations of fraud behind her party’s surge in votes. He considered it natural that there would be additional votes when the KPU recapitulated the vote count results for the 2024 election.

“What is not normal is if there are parties who try to lead opinion by questioning this,” said Grace.

He added that currently more than 70 million votes have not been counted and most of them are in Jokowi’s support base. “Where PSI has the potential for strong support,” he said.

Grace reminded that differences between the quick count results and the KPU’s real count  also occurred in other parties.

He took the example of the quick count version of the Indonesian Indicators survey institute for PKB, the result of which was 10.65 percent but based on the KPU recapitulation it reached 11.56 percent or an addition of 0.91 percent. Another example is the Gelora Party vote which was based on a quick count of 0.88 percent, while the KPU recapitulation was 1.44 percent, aka a difference of 0.55 percent.

According to Grace, based on a quick calculation of indicators, the PSI is at 2.66 percent while the KPU recapitulation is at 3.13 percent or a difference of 0.47 percent. The PSI difference is smaller than the previous two examples.

“Why is only PSI highlighted? Didn’t increases and decreases occur in other parties? And that’s normal because the vote counting is still ongoing,” he said.

He asked all parties to be fair and proportional. “Let’s just wait for the results of the KPU’s final calculations. Don’t lead opinions that mislead the public,” Grace emphasized.

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