Jupiter Fortissimo Free from Prison Since November 2023

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Long time no show, celebrity Jupiter Fortissimo is apparently free from prison. Jupiter Fortissimo is known to have been free from prison since November 2023.
After being free, Jupiter Fortissimo admitted that he was very happy and relieved because he could breathe outside air again. He has also carried out activities as usual.

“I was released on parole on November 15 2023. Thank God, I was able to breathe fresh air and started to calm down first and then after that I was involved in other activities,” said Jupiter Fortissimo when met in the Bekasi area, West Java, yesterday.

“Yes, in this activity I was asked to be a host, this is also one of my fields. The rest I sell in the online shop,” he explained again.

“It feels like I’ve just come back from abroad and come back to Jakarta and see malls everywhere. There’s been a lot of promotion and a lot of social media, so I think I’ve just adjusted. I’m a bit surprised, but because this is work with friends So I just adjusted,” he said.

Having the opportunity to host an event after being released from prison, Jupiter Fortissimo admitted that he was very lucky.

It is known that Jupiter Fortissimo has been involved in drugs twice. In 2016, Jupiter Fortissimo was sentenced to two years in prison. The second time, in 2019, Jupiter was again caught in drugs.

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