AHY in a car with Jokowi while checking the Presidential Palace at IKN

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President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) checked the progress of IKN development with a number of ministers, including the Minister of ATR/BPN Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY). During the working visit, AHY uploaded a moment in a car with Jokowi.
On his Instagram account, AHY uploaded a number of his activities while accompanying Jokowi at IKN. One of them was when visiting the Palace and Presidential Office.

In the video uploaded, Friday (1/3/2024), AHY is seen in the same car as President Jokowi. AHY got out of the front passenger seat. Then Jokowi got out of the second row passenger seat of the car.

“After the morning briefing, the relevant Ministers and I accompanied President @jokowi to inspect the construction of the Palace and Presidential Office at IKN,” wrote AHY in the video caption he uploaded.

“Hopefully all development processes can run smoothly and on time,” continued AHY.

In the next post, AHY uploaded photos of inspection activities of the Palace and Presidential Office. AHY said the ministers listened to Jokowi’s directions according to their main duties and functions.

“I and the other Ministers listened to President @jokowi’s directions so that they could be followed up in accordance with their respective main tasks and functions,” wrote AHY.

Previously, the Director General of Human Settlements at the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, Diana Kusumastuti, revealed that construction of the main building structure of the President’s Office had been completed. Now, his party is focusing on installing the steel and blades of the Garuda wings which are an important part of the construction.

“Currently, 1,282 of the 4,650 blades have been installed, so about a third. And we hope that the Garuda bird wings will be finished at the end of March,” said Diana.

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