Why did you say that to them?

Manny wanted to know what Frederick thought.

I hope we're not making a huge mistake.

Can you give me a little bit more time?

I've been under a lot of stress.

Can we afford a new car?


What kind of things do you like to do?

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I need to put the children to bed.

Syun hasn't bought one yet.

Give me a table for two near the window.

The long-awaited commission of enquiry report was released yesterday afternoon.

How long do you estimate that it will take?

You three are under arrest.

Doesn't that change things?

Please call after 6 pm.

I have seen a star today.

You don't spend enough time with your children.

We often eat fish raw in Japan.

What kind of mistakes did Carolyn make?

Cathryn told me to call the police.


Paola escaped from prison.

With his wife dead, Dan stood to inherit half a million dollars.

You knew it was impossible and even then, you tried.


We're heading back to town.

I have the feeling that I've been here before.

She demanded that I should help him.

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That's the sixty-four thousand dollar question.


She still loves him.

Nou started screaming at the top of his lungs.

I hope I can be a valuable member of your team.

I met a child once.

He is absorbed in scientific work.

It's been changed.

We got scraped up.

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I hate it when she does that.

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Everyone gossips.

Richard is fair, even to people he does not like.

What a failure!

If you go too close, you run the risk of being electrocuted.

All's fair in love and war.

I don't have an empty cup.

Are you sure there's nothing left?

I really appreciate your support.

I have no idea what we're supposed to do.

This suit seems really expensive.

It's been a long time since we last spoke, hasn't it?


What did you say to Paula?

You'll have this composition written by noon tomorrow, won't you?

Even though Edmond knew he shouldn't, he borrowed money from a loan shark.

It's actually a lot of fun.

Let's take precautions against heat fatigue, before we flake out from the heat, and have a healthy summer.

Your eyes are beautiful.

You weren't even there.

Tim recently changed jobs.

Can I have a rain check?

Florence is the most beautiful city in Italy.

The future of humanity lies in our hands.

Did you tell Sylvan what I told you?

This is the finest view I have ever seen.

Who told you I would help you?

War doesn't pay.


Who would you like to speak to?

It is ten years since I saw her last.

You're disobeying orders.

I've been at home.

I didn't try to kill him.

It is the wilderness in the mind, the desert wastes in the heart through which one wanders lost and a stranger. When one is a stranger to oneself then one is estranged from others too. If one is out of touch with oneself, then one cannot touch others.

Gerald fell down and skinned his knee on a rock.

We believe you, Ernest.

Are you sure Dori didn't pick Clare up at school?


I am a Republican.

I always have a notepad.

Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.

I'm a little old fashioned, you know.

There's no fool like an old fool.

Your conduct doesn't become a gentleman.

Ginny has started to study French.

Daniele turned right and Teruyuki headed the other way.

Kanthan is worried about losing his job.

I've been a lot worse.

What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?

The Wright Brothers spent a great deal of time observing birds in flight. They noticed that birds soared into the wind and that the air flowing over the curved surface of their wings created lift.

You should always spend time doing things that help your children get ahead in life.


Dan didn't even throw the ball.

Does Kinch have cable?

Adverbial time clauses (here 'when') write about the future in the present tense.

Do you want to tell me what happened?

He can read thoughts.

She sees nothing wrong with it.

Let's get this meeting over with.

Make sure you get some sleep.

Do you think of me as a cool guy?


My father is tall.

You have to turn to the history and go a few centuries back to the Renaissance era, to Leonardo da Vinci, in order to find as fascinating a man who not only dilettante, but with a genius working in many different fields.

This man only has to open his mouth for you to see that he lacks education.

I assume you haven't seen Saqib this morning.

Billie almost died in that accident.


She added some personal touches to the wedding cake.

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I am not afraid of dying due to old age.

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You like watches, don't you?

I'd like to talk to someone about what I saw.

She slept with her boss.

Seriously, don't be a stranger.

He teaches English to his friends.

Yvonne simply can't be trusted.

I've almost finished my work.

Becky plans to find out what's going on.

Did you ask Kristian what he thought the problem was?

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After the death of her parents, her grandparents took to her education.

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Watch your mouth!


Please make yourself at home, and help yourself to some coffee.


What do I have to change?

I actually haven't finished my homework yet.

It is starting to look pretty cool.

Let's wait and see and drink some tea.

Magnus didn't know why Alfred refused to go out with him.

Hey, where are you?

Evergreen wreaths are Christmasy, but credit cards are Christmasier.

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I want to buy a new bicycle.

They are spinning wool.

He is well off, and what is more, he is of good birth.

Dogs like retrieving balls.

Do you have more than one mobile phone?


By a stroke of luck I found my keys in the rubbish bin.

I converted my yen into dollars.

I just talked to the person in charge.

I wanted to know about everything.

Mitchell has been living in Boston for three years.


Because of the rain, we didn't play tennis outside.

She's done wonders in the scientific field.

Don't worry about others.

You're a very sensitive guy, aren't you?

I slept until noon, and then studied for the rest of the day.

Seek shelter in a fortified, windowless room, preferably underground.

He asked her to read it for him.

Her grief expressed itself in tears.

Linley sang very well.

I heard the children singing together.

This is the very room that I first met my wife in.

James Cameron created a new way to make movies.

Come on, we need to hurry.

A swarm of bees attacked us without mercy.

It's time we did something about that.

Debi has so much money that he doesn't know what to do with it.

Glass developed dramatically in the Roman era when glass blowing techniques were invented.

I came here looking for them.

I'm sure you heard about what Jaime did.

I don't feel very good.

The bandits made a raid on the village.

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How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

He has a book.

This person sold their sold to the devil.

Has Turkeer's dog ever bitten Allen?

Huey splashed himself with cold water.

Everett didn't remember.

That cheese is made from sheep's milk.

I can take you home.

Turkeer is in here somewhere.

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I'm sure Julian knows enough French to get by.

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The passengers sat four aside.


I am writing a letter.


Youth, which is forgiven everything, forgives itself nothing: age, which forgives itself everything, is forgiven nothing.


Mats asked Jitendra not to visit him anymore.


That's how I came to know her.

Can you bring him back?

Nicolas was surprised how easy it was to do.

In silence, she placed her left hand in my right hand.

As you have already suspected, the prince's name was Rodney and the little mermaid's name was Ralph.


They called the village New Amsterdam.