My conjunctivitis is chronic.

We participated in the athletic meet of our company.

He's scared to talk to me.

I can't believe your mom let you go.

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What made you go into the basement?

The exception does not void the rule.

It happened so long ago.


Burn this rubbish on the fire.

Crutches are pretty tricky ... "Excuse me, stretcher coming through!"

Tanya went to the lake.

He is crazy about baseball.

I have never seen a rugby match as exciting as yesterday's match.


You had a week to get this done.

I'd like to get you to help me ask the teacher for time off.

She wants to be a celebrity.

Summer is the warmest season of the year.

I think it's time for me to step aside.

She has as many as seven children.

I'm going to protect you, Pedro.


Your spirit has fallen into the hell.

Never betray the trust of your friends.

I would like to tell you about my cat, Leonidas. We would simply call him The 'Nidas for short, and he was the best cat in the world. The one who loved me most of all. The closer I paid attention to The 'Nidas, the better I felt. Unfortunately, he ran away a year ago.

Norman teased Piercarlo.

I'd like to visit your country someday.

There are no fish in this pond.

What did he do here?

You might want to consider buying some new tires for your car.

The right riverside is steep.

Chet was frowning slightly.

They won't intervene.

You still seem to be avoiding Win.

Don't forget that all of us are in the same boat.


A hypothetical explanation could be that they just forgot it.

She has another man in her life.

I apologize for it.

Please stay inside.

Who ruled this country?

We should do something about that.

We had no money.

The driver of an oncoming car flashed his lights at Conrad as a warning that there was a mobile speed camera up ahead. Teri, who had been speeding, immediately slowed down and passed the camera at just under the speed limit.

Young as he is, he is not equal to the task.


To cite usage against rule, in a constructed language, is insane.


You know that I am not promoting Portuguese over Spanish.


Did someone say something?

Put in a good word for me.

I asked him to open the window.


Why hasn't Molly come back yet?


Did Diana ask you to write this?

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Leung said he doesn't know Miek.

We'd appreciate a reply.

Francis probably could've told us how to do it.

Heinrich broke his collarbone when he was thirteen.

Marie, Vince and Maria are friends.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.

For your love, I would do anything.

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I have a friend who works at that store.


In the United States, Adlai Stevenson criticized the willingness of John Foster Dulles to threaten atomic war in confronting the Soviet Union; such military brinkmanship, he said, could eventually lead to annihilation of both countries.


Why do you need me to find Jean?


How do you explain this?

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Always obey your father.

You don't know a thing about me.

Yoko avoided answering my question.

It's a beautiful life.

The fact is, he broke the window.

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I must have left them on my desk.

I got along so well with the guy sitting next to me at the pub that we ended up drinking together till dawn.

Impudent strumpet!

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We haven't been to Boston in a long time.

I know what Dominick is planning.

Who plays golf?


I need help carrying them.

I just don't trust Ravi.

Our first-period teacher handed back our test papers today.

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She is no less kind than her sister is.


Wholesale prices had been basically flat.

Our stay in London was too short.

Even if we do this, it will be another sixty years before the Antarctic ozone hole is repaired.

I'll join in ten minutes.

You did it on purpose, didn't you?

We are expecting the issue of his book.

The French government made a 35-hour workweek mandatory in 2000.


I've lost her number.

Lend me a memo pad or something.

Have you gotten paid yet?

No one will ever forget Caroline.

I'll have to tell my boss that I won't be in tomorrow.

Izzy wants to tell you something.

Axel made several corrections.

We will decide later.

I will personally be responsible for it.

Are you expecting anyone?

I had a fender bender on my way to work.

I lost the watch I had bought the day before.

I wish you didn't have so many problems.

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I made friends with him.


You've gone too far!


Did I say something?

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I am running in order to catch the train.


No. I looked for them for more than an hour.

I'm an optimist.

It is apparently fine to think that I might occupy the throne.

I was furious.

Who would you like to speak with?

Lonhyn got a Guinea pig for Christmas.

I knew what the problem was.


We passed by the pharmacy before coming home.

Please answer me when I speak to you.

We're selling her one of our tickets.

The teacher concluded that Nancy would pass the exam.

I went to the library to read some books.

Ernest probably bought it with the money his father gave him.

Can you help me look for it?

He's going to get fired.

It snowed.


The majority of the successful candidates were university graduates.

I've got better things to do with my time than to sit here and listen to you complain.

John Glenn was selected as one of seven Project Mercury astronauts in 1959. In February of 1962, he became the first American to orbit Earth.

What type of tools do you require for the job?

Bradley's dog barks a lot.

Syd would've liked you. It's too bad that you never met each other.

It really is quite late.

"Oy, what's up, Tanji?" "I'm having trouble because there's a unit I didn't take at my last school."

The way is free for an advance.

He returned to Japan after graduating from college.

Such a person will often go a block out of his way to avoid meeting a person of the opposite sex.

Dan didn't even try to contact Linda.

Sid took a bite.

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I need more time than that.

That was all Ralf needed.

I'm against any kind of abuse.

They are all dead.

I don't know about you, but I agree with Julie.


They are free from care and anxiety.


I still dream about you.

Can I get you some coffee?

President Arthur wanted to reduce the tariffs.

You're contributing.

Tell me why you didn't ask him.

His sister became a doctor.

You look as your father looked thirty years ago.

Many trees died during the long drought.

I have an appointment with the dentist at 3 o'clock.

Do you want to eat now or not?

He hurried to his parents as soon as he received the letter.

Don't do it!

I don't understand the questions that the teacher sets.


She pulled at her heartstrings.

This is my CD.

Why do you hang out with Roberto?

Frances is on antidepressants.

There's been enough talking.

There's something under the table.

I learned something today.

Marcos put the corn in the pot on the stove.

I heard about the accident for the first time yesterday.

It's really sad.

Slartibartfast felt very tired.

Celeste tripped and sprained his ankle.

Svante didn't want anything.

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The larger fish from the south will compete with the smaller Arctic species for food, and even prey on them directly.


Are you trying to cover something up?

You should apologise to Sanford.

Dewey almost always gets places on time.

Take the money and run.

She was a bit embarrassed.