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Her horse doesn't respect her.

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Milo, hold your horses.


I have no feelings.

She was in her cups.

The skeptics were right.


Over there is the person I've been waiting for.

He is the greatest player the team has had.

The situation is extremely critical.

Santa had trouble resolving the situation.

Will it start snowing at noon or later?

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It takes more time to prepare the car for getting painted than it takes for the actual paint job itself.


Cathrin is very considerate.

Here's the map.

Rebecca examined it closely.

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Vivek is feeling good today.


We've been trying to track you down.

Someone will have to tell Marc eventually.

She can swim as fast as her brother.


Jeany is nonplussed.

Surprise her with a nosegay.

I think you must be busy.


She took a flower from the vase and held it out to me.

That's right up my alley.

It is a pity that he can't come.

He ascended the ladder halfway.

Do you know any of the boys in this room?

We should get together every couple of months.

My neighbour is annoyed with me because he could not convince me to buy his old car from him.

She has nothing to do with the matter.

Piotr often helps others.

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Don't let them hurt him.

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Jessica took all the blame on herself.


Shirley interrupted Rodger before she could finish.


It will do you good to have a holiday.

Am I to follow you?

Do you walk to school?

I really wish I'd paid more attention in Budapest instead of going shopping and seeing the Harry Potter movie.

Vic reached for his pistol.

To tell the truth, I don't really care.

What do we do when that happens?

This is a great question.

Omar put out his hand.

I'd like to hear your version of what happened.

What will you have?

I'm trying to get some help.

Wine can make the meal.

Alzheimer's disease affects mainly people older than 60 years.

We were looking forward to spending an evening at home alone.


What gave Colin that idea?


When did you get up this morning?

It is our capacity to mold ourselves.

Three of them died.


I'd like to change my seat.

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Researchers Identify New Receptor Complex in Brain


I've had my say.


Are you going to marry her?

I didn't speak with him.

His way of thinking is sound.

Close the gate.

Josh and John quarreled, but made up after a while.


That is of no use to me.

A function that is both quasiconvex and quasiconcave is quasilinear.

Don't go to all this trouble.

I have to find out what's going to happen.

Why are men so stupid?

Father complains of having been busy since last week.

I've got a plane to catch.

He did not die of cancer.

I want to be happy, too.

What type of tools do you require for the job?

Arthur went to a Catholic high school.

My physics teacher doesn't care if I skip classes.

He warned you.

Norman doesn't know whether the concert went well or not.

Languages are partially isomorphic.

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I'm trying to remember the first time I met you.

Do you know how to open this box?

What are you writing?

Can I talk to them alone?

We must do away with such bad customs.

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I'm beginning to feel out of place.

This time my goal is Paris.

They've both been released from prison.


The actions of Coen, directly commanding the cruise at the time of the accident, are of utmost significance.

If it had not been for your help, my father would have failed.

I can hear someone talking in the next room.

I can teach English.

She pouted at him.


Metin got Hein to take him to the zoo.

What do you do in your spare time?

I'll ask Gene that question the next time I see him.

Could you give me some advice?

Would you put those bags in the car?


I cared for the rabbits when I was at school.

I go to Koshien stadium.

Wendi never got on the plane.

Hors d'oeuvre are small dishes served before a meal.

Three shots were heard.

Do you want to read this magazine?

Wolfgang tried not to look disappointed.

I already ordered.

Come outside.

Donnie speaks French so badly that he is often misunderstood.

I can't remember which is my racket.

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Do you want to go to the concert with me?

He looked upon any time not spent in study as so much lost time.

The boy is kind.

Jingbai pulled the mask off his face.

We are trying to do away with the old customs.


What I told him was true.

Carsten asked Antonio to turn off the computer and prepare dinner.

Do you like porn websites?


I am afraid they can't get along very well.

You'll be happy.

I wonder where Gary is right now.


Off with your balls!

We're a lot alike.

You are very insensitive.

I only know what Celia told me.

He called a taxi for me.

This is what Ramsey does for a living.

The austerity measures that many city governments have implemented are hugely unpopular.

I'm not the only one who doesn't want to be here.

Randy will pay.

He has the key to her heart.

I like rain and snow.

Look at Isaac.

You can't express that in words.

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We will present our idea to the committee.


She will assist us.

You've played.

Go straight home.

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Suresh put our old computer in the cellar.


Who is he?

He has been working very hard of late.

Look at that!


The doctor told him to rest at home, which is advice he followed.


I agree with much of what Norma said.

This is the picture I took in his house.

You must be careful when swimming in the sea.

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Candlemass is an influential Swedish doom metal band.

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Birds were singing in the sky.

Is he drinking coffee?

You're ugly.

Varda gave Sigurd $1,000 in a brown paper bag.

Conrad watched Lea eat.


Shutoku will have plenty of help.

I only wish I could help all of you.

How often do you have to see the dentist?


Bear in mind that you are dust.

The paramedics are on the way.

The master usually chose yellow and blue colours.


I will wait a week.

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You know as well as I do that we shouldn't be doing this.

She cared for the children out of charity.

Is there something in particular that you want?

He's not coming, according to Krzysztof.

He was denied that pleasure.