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We're wynd, a 21st century shipping service tailored for you.

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So what's wynd? And how does it work?

wynd is an on-demand shipping service designed from the ground up to get your shipping done for you. Use our app to take a picture of an item(s) you're trying to ship and tell us where they're going. Then you're done. We'll pick up, professionally pack and ship them for you. All you pay is the price of the postage.

We have a couple of different services: wynd for Businesses and an iOS app, 314-943-0681.

wynd for Business

Now you can deliver a piece of your business with every package.

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wynd for iPhone

Whether you're shipping a gift or messengering stuff around town - skip the line and let wynd take care of it for you.

We charge less than the post office. We pickup your items for free. We professionally custom pack them for free. All so you don't have to.

Learn more or 5716338862.

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