Oh dear, what nonsense I'm talking!

We heard gunfire.


I packed Ed's suitcase for him.

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it.

You've got other things to worry about.

I want ice cream.

I'd better go find him.

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I've already hidden the diamonds.

Don't pass me over.

Let the milk stand overnight and skim off the cream.

I am using a new computer.

I never drank anything but soda.

I had a date with Jane last night.

His appearance led me astray.


Do you happen to know the date of the exam?

Sometimes it is important to take a decision quickly.

When it is possible to have peace, he chooses war.

I had a baby girl the year after I got married.

Those was feeling tired.


The store was not a big one, was it?

I don't give a shit.

Believing in God is not evil in itself.

It's a promise.

Tell her that I am thirsty.

Keep an eye on the girls.

Everything has it's end, only sausages have two.

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Nicolas is really angry.


Did I scare you?

It's been a pleasure.

I don't hear anything.


Multinational corporations outperform traditional corporations operating in just one country.

He loved Dave.

I've always played with my brother.

Don't just read books. Go outside once in a while and get some exercise.

My sister is suffering from a bad cold.

Keith and I meet again next week.

Gideon glanced at the book.

Now let me entertain you with music.

You can let him go now.

I felt pressure on my shoulder and turned around.

A dangerous criminal has escaped from the insane asylum.


This word's origin is unknown.

I bear no grudge against you.

Sushi is OK, but I'd prefer Thai food.

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Are there French audio guides?

This tree measures three meters around.

When do you have to go to bed?

She is the woman I will be marrying.

When are you off?

This is something I don't understand.

Smoking is prohibited in this restaurant.

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Charlene didn't study at all last weekend.

I was trying to protect them.

The book contains fifteen biographies.

We left no stone unturned.

I feel so happy today.

Pilot Jackson has made the company what it is today.

Maybe I should've done this sooner.

Would you excuse us?

Have you ever pronounced this word?

I met them three summers ago.

This person will run.

Dawson did his best to explain what had happened.

Herve won't leave until he's talked to Dori.

Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?

Jean-Pierre is loving every minute of it.

The prices are high.

Our trip to Africa is turning into a catastrophe.

He got his watch fixed.

I didn't know it was a big deal.

It's fun to hang out with him.

Newton established the law of gravity.

Does Kirsten have a learning disability?

The work should be ready tomorrow.


Do you always do that?


I would like the least expensive one.

Shatter's office door is closed.

Do you really want to work with us?

Deep Blue beat chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov in 1997.

We're booked for the whole month on Broadway.

I don't know any of these people.

You always forget your money.

Mahjong is a game well-known all around the world.

It is doubtful whether he did his homework by himself.

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All of the suspects have solid alibis.


Gail plays lacrosse.

Call me if you find him.

I think Niall is sensible.

You should sit with Mason.

Is it difficult eating with chopsticks?

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You had better be careful not to overeat.

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Edith could only think of one way to do what needed to be done.

I got used to it quickly.

He now was sixty-eight years old and a sick man.


What are you going to do over the weekend?

The kitten was drinking milk under the table.

This room is too hot for us to work in.

Is she a real blonde?

Tell him we don't want to go.

Jeffie slept like a child.

Up to last week, Eileen had never been on a plane.

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What you did brought disgrace on the whole class.


What are you into these days?

He looked about.

Let's follow his advice.

Excuse me, could I get past?

It's no big thing.

When someone becomes neurotic about pens and paper clips, it's a sure sign they're cracking up.

This isn't exactly helping.

What kind of rope is this?

I was expecting them.

Stanly put the key in his pocket.

I'm your deputy.

They're not my enemies.

That might not be as heavy as you think it's going to be.

What happens to light in a black hole?

We're already high up in the sky.


You will go, you will never return, in war you will perish.

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Don't run down the stairs so noisily.

Now, help me with this.

Huashi was an Olympic swimmer.


This is our primary target.

She glanced briefly at the newspaper.

She burst into tears to hear the news.

"Do you like to travel?" "Yes."

She felt less sad as time passed.

It's not a bad idea.

Johnnie is in Boston now.

We're very disappointed in you.

Even though I hope it happens, I don't think it will.

I think everyone has a favorite color.

You remind me of a boy I used to know.

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Have you ever been to Hawaii, Takuya?

She told me her mum bought it for her.

Spring has passed and summer starts.


Can you tell us what happened to you?

I assume it won't bother you if I take one of them.

My mother was an alcoholic.


He wiped the sweat off his face.

They left the movie early.

Neville found himself in a tight spot.


How did you get Jerry to go out with you?

You must tell us the truth.

Our son died in the war.

The train was about to leave the station.

You were drinking too much the night you rolled your car.

I won't lend you any money.

Sedat achieved his goal.

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She's nervous and excited.

What is it like?

We can't repair the damage done by Bobbie's speech.

The Union army's supply lines were on the north side.

Barney is one of Boston's best attorneys.

Just thinking about Spanish makes me feel warmer and takes my mind off the freezing cold I'm experiencing right now.

Would you like to stay here?

I got sick riding the roller coaster with the loop-the-loop.

They live on the other side of the road.


Philip sat at the bar.


This rule does not apply to the case.

Nathaniel seemed to be up to some mischief.

Teacher Zhang teaches Chinese to his students at school every day.

There is little, if any, hope that Cathy will win the election.

The baby was sleeping in the cradle.

We both know what needs to be done.

The question excited much controversy.


What a shame that Andrea left this early.

This is a misunderstanding.

I'd like you to answer my question.

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Do you really want Alberto to do this for you?