Welcome to the Titus Institute!

We are here to help you as a Christian understand the Bible so that you might grow in Christ and experience a life filled with love, joy, and peace. God has given us the privilege over the years of reaching out to Christians in 139 countries and territories around the world. We are thankful that we can reach out to you as well!

Inspiration and Inerrancy of Scripture

Everything that we as Christians believe and follow in our lives is based upon the Bible. The Scriptures are our source of divine revelation from God. Learn what Jesus and his apostles taught about its inspiration and its inerrancy.

Understanding Bible Doctrines

What does the Bible say about its divine origin, the nature of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the fall of man, salvation in Christ, angels, and many other doctrinal subjects. Find out what the Bible says and where it reveals these doctrines.

Spiritual Warfare

How does Satan and his demons attack believers? Can Satan implant thoughts in the minds of Christians? How can believers stand firm against his attacks? How does Satan dominate the unbelieving world? See what the Bible has to say about Satan and how Christians can stand firm against his schemes.


Many Christians are confused when they read the Old Testament. What should they follow and what should they not follow? Will God bring curses upon a Christian who does not obey him? Should Christians submit to the Ten Commandments? If, so what about celebrating the Sabbath? In this section, we discuss what the Old Testament and New Testament say about the two great covenants, the Abrahamic and the Mosaic, the Ten Commandments, Salvation by grace through faith, and the identity of Christ.

Knowing God and His Will

God has brought Christians into a relationship with himself, but how do we relate to God as a Spirit being whom we cannot touch or see? Also, life is full of many decisions, both moral and non-moral ones. God desires that we follow His will, so how can we discover what God’s will is? The Bible teaches two very different methods for following God’s will. It teaches one method for following God’s will in moral areas of our lives and another method for following God’s will in non-moral areas of our lives. In this section, we will discuss both of these important issues.

Genesis and Creation

In Genesis 1 and 2 God gives to human beings revelation concerning his creation of the earth and universe. He gives us the details of how he did it so we might know that all that we experience on this earth that is good comes from a loving God who is the sovereign creator and ruler of the universe.

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What do the prophets in the Old Testament and the apostles in the New testament reveal is the future of mankind on this planet? Will Jesus return as king? Who will he judge and what kind of kingdom will he set up? Discover what the incredible future that is ours in Christ. This section is all about the End Times.


What does the Bible say about dating? How can you develop a relationship that will last a lifetime? How do you decide who to marry? Learn the principles from the Bible that guide Christians into a godly and joyful marriage.

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If you are an Christian couple that has become engaged to be married, what can you do to prepare for your marriage according to God's Will? This section gives practical principles that will help you form a solid foundation for a God-honoring happy marriage that is filled with love and concern for each other.

What the Gospels Say About Jesus

Read for yourself what the disciples of Jesus wrote about him. The Gospel Records of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John contain eyewitness testimony of Jesus’ life and teachings.

Jesus Evidences

This section provides the historical evidence for Jesus that demonstrates that the portrait of Jesus presented in the four New Testament Gospels is historically accurate."