I think Terrence should do it.

She speaks two foreign languages.

Being in a hurry, I forgot the money at home.


Curtis was ready to go as soon as I got there.

How can she speak that fast?

Willie said, "move over"; forced his way through and sat down.


Ms. Tanaka can type, can't she?

How does that sound to you?

The message I received said, Please contact us at your convenience.


Too many sweets cause your teeth to decay.

You can't make me do anything I don't want to do.

Mr. Mailer will stay here until tomorrow.

His family is doing fine.

Bud can be a little difficult to work with.


Hillary didn't really feel like swimming.

Mona is still running a temperature and should stay at home.

I'm still not giving up.

What are you thinking of?

I want to speak with you.


The happy young wife suspected nothing of it.

Let me make you a cup of hot coffee.

Don't be such a sentimental idiot.

Just jump in.

Can he write this character?

His heart bounded with expectation.

It is evident that he has made a mistake.

He spoke too fast for the student.

It rains a lot during February here in Brazil.

I tried to forget.

You have to go to the party.

What's the harm in that?

Yumi studies English hard.

The chances of victory or defeat are even.

There is no evidence to the contrary.

I'm not petting their dog.

I suppose we are to get there soon.


The boxes produced here are made of a very consistent material.

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Anatole doesn't want to eat Italian food today.


Is it true that Johnathan lived in Boston for three years?


Mrs. Smith is actively engaged in volunteer work.

Is the flight on schedule?

Just about everything can be recycled.

I had naan with the tea for breakfast.

Would you both excuse me a moment?

Don't trust that realtor. He's evil.

My birthday is one month from today.

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When I entered the house, they all applauded.

You assemble cranes.

Elric says a lot of stupid things.

I was only hired temporarily.

"Shall I have him call you when he gets back?" "Yes, please."

Excuse us for a second.

Can we talk later?

Who told you such nonsense?

She died on a cold night in December.

Phill terrified Bill.

Did she kiss well?

Why don't we introduce ourselves to our neighbors?

See to it that you keep quiet.

Briggs was totally into it.

Maurice dreams of the toilet when he has to go to the bathroom.

An uncle of mine on my father's side is a doctor.

I want to hear more about Klaudia.

It was published in 1969.

Trey used to tell me everything.


Elizabeth the second is the queen of England.

It's a risk I'm prepared to take.

This is better than nothing.

How many prizes did Gordon win?

Most of our employees are young.

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Where's my ring?

Ilya has beautiful long hair.

I must go somewhere.

Washington is the capital of the United States.

There's a tiny amount of milk left in the bottle.

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Everything happened exactly as I had thought.

I used to be able to play the trumpet.

Stefan has unique musical abilities.

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He bought me a very fast car.


Spy wasn't happy about what happened.


I've made some mistakes that I shouldn't have.

I assume Kamiya is here to help.

You're silly, sometimes!


She is clearly insane.

Is Rajendra lucid?

The left turn signal will only activate if a vehicle in the left turn lane triggers the sensor embedded in the roadway.

Carter said good morning to me.

Eva sipped his wine slowly.

The new pope comes from Argentina.

Please quit bothering us.

I'll be back in a jiffy.

He is richer than anybody else in town.

I will write to you next week.

I want to split up, but I know I couldn't even if I tried.


I can't afford to buy a new bike, so I'll have to manage with this old one.

I needed to meet you.

Jeffrey was a science teacher.


You should have killed me when you had the chance.

We're not going to buy anything today.

One does not buy happiness.

Do you want to eat out tonight?

A zombie is living a life of its own now and then.


He, being slow-footed, was of course already lagging two meters.

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Kolkka seems very happy.

There are many foreign tourists in Asakusa.

I don't own a television.

Give me her picture.

We will be landing at Tokyo International Airport momentarily.

It was all a dream.

I have a bicycle of the latest model.

How can you read thoughts?

I think you should bring Lewis here.

There are a few mistakes in your report.

"When will you wash your car?" "Sometime this week, I think."

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Dariimaa rarily drew birds and animals.


It's good to see you among all these strange faces.

I figured Lin wouldn't know the answer.

I'm going out for some fresh air.

Where did Barney take Jesus?

It happened before I met him.

I don't want to discuss Tanaka's problems with you.

We're not the only ones who think so.

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When the breaker tripped and it became pitch black, the baby got scared and started crying.

Do you like sushi?

I knew them well.


Perhaps we could get a drink sometime.

So what's wrong with my idea.

Do you care what other people think about us?

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I'll have a white wine, please.

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Naren didn't know anything about Toft's boyfriend.

I told Tad to swim a little every day for exercise.

Turn around for a second, will you?

I feel at home in this room.

You shouldn't have to kiss Cindie.

Don't worry. There's nothing wrong with you.

Something wrong was about to happen.


There's time for everything.

Don't talk in a loud voice here.

It was difficult to keep up the conversation.

I think someone is knocking at the door.

I can already write in Chinese.


That's basically what they're saying.

Balls are round.

When did you start wearing contact lenses?


How am I going to impress him?

I've had a headache since yesterday.

Did you write this book?

Laurent came near being drowned.

He suddenly walked out of the committee meeting.

Did you learn to speak French when you were a child?

I used to play in that park.


I cannot give this dictionary to anyone.

Do you think he still keeps my letters?

They gained a victory.

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Ro doesn't have anyone to discuss his problems with.

I saw what was left.

I came early so I could get a good seat.


I'll get you out of this horrible situation.

He should have done it that way.

He is a hemophiliac with a sleep disorder.

I don't want to lie anymore.

Venkata is mad at you for lying to him.

I think you thought what I'm going to think.

Whatever you do don't leave the lid up on the toilet!


That was pretty tough.