Alberto and I have a plan.


I spent the hole night igniting a fire.

The patient was recovering daily.

"She asked about you." "About me?"


It's a hostile environment.

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I ordered the children to stay quiet, but they kept on making noise.

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They haven't found Cole.

Sure I'll come, but I might be a bit late.

She prefers white-sand beaches.

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Her account of the incident accords with yours.


The hostages will be released.

We really had a lot of fun.

Nicolo is much taller than Marion.

The asteroid will arrive first-class at 10.45 a.m.

I don't care about anything else.

First of all, we must dismiss the cook.

I've done a lot of stupid things in my life.

He has money enough and to spare.

Answer me, please.


Are you available next week for a follow-up interview?

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Morris has powerful arms.

That's nice. How about inviting John and Spencer?

What can we say?


Shahid died in October three years ago.

Nobody wanted to believe Kenton.

I'm not being paid enough.

Rub out these words with your eraser.

Did you get a job?

You don't remember anything?

Helen isn't very good at keeping secrets.

Kieran has spent the past three years in prison.

Let me tell you what you need to say.


Don't act so innocent.

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You can spend the night with us.

The news of her arrival excited the crowd.

He picked out the best book.

Did Rob write that song for you?

Summer is the season when women look most beautiful.


Come as early as possible.

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She's been staying with me since she was acquitted.


Is that really a road we want to go down?


I just wanted to let you know that I can't be here tomorrow.

You'd better go.

When do you need it?

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She wasn't helping her mother.

He is not less bright than his brother.

What were you doing at the time of his death?

I can't absorb all of the lesson in an hour.

Truth is a dangerous thing.

It is rumoured there are treasures hidden there.

I couldn't get him to stop smoking.

Curling is my favorite sport.

I give you my word on that.

You're going to have to be quick.

You've become a thought leader in the whole corporate-governance space.


You brought it on yourself.

Maybe next fall we will see the ugliest and most cringeworthy presidential contest in the history of the United States of America.

As it is fine, I'll go out.

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I think you're taking this a little too hard.


Gabriel wouldn't cooperate.

Can you tell us where Lindsey is?

Tears fell down her cheeks.

Miki doesn't complain about much.

The students of this school are kind.


I thought it was really cute.

He just went talking on and on.

Joel knows I've been shot.

Maybe the impulse was working upon her subconscious.

Promises should be kept.

The author came out with a book for married couples called "Making it work."

Your article disappointed me.

Sedovic wants to pay later.

Even though I plucked up courage to invite Sonny to a film, she stood me up.

Piotr walked into the yard.

I think we need some time off.

Nothing can stop them.

She goes to her family's home in France every summer.

I married on the 1st of June.

I'm at my wit's end.

Never forget what I am about to tell you.

Are you sure this is the best way to do this?

Jerrie thinks very highly of you.

It was raining today. What'll it be like tomorrow?

A bunch of people died in the explosion.

The government's new economic plan leaves much to be desired.

I will have finished the work before you return.

I hear you're very rich.

You knew what you were getting into when you enlisted.

Dry sand absorbs water.


I still adore you guys.

The more you study, the more curious you will become.

I woke up and Srinivas was gone.

Don't you want to stay here with us?

Brad had to forgo his morning swim, on account of it being too cold.


It looks like I made a lot of mistakes.


I won't let it go to waste.

I'm looking for a place to eat.

Each of them sang a song.

Sugih's uncomfortable with close personal relationships.

Black paper absorbs light.

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The curtain was up and the performance had started.

Will he ever come back?

Kerry sucked his thumb until he was three.

The activity of foreign trade has been declining of late.

Nah, why bother fixing it.

How can I tell if I'm really in love?

Barton went to a fortune teller at the town fair and was told that someone would come into his life whose first name started with "M".


I don't know where Novorolsky went.


Do you have enough space?

Take the afternoon off if you want to.

After putting up this bloody Ikea wardrobe, I found myself with three screws in my hand, and no idea where they were meant to go.

The coffee has nice aroma.

The president is usually accompanied by his wife when he travels internationally.

I'm not concerned with the details.

All employees had to memorize the access code.

I was fascinated by her beauty.

They have decided to stick to the original plan after all.

Moore's office is the third door on the left.

You must be able to speak either English or Spanish in this company.


What're you doing about this?


The hat stood out because of its strange shape.

She has a feminine insight into human behavior.

Do you find me a cool guy?

He does not look up to his parents.

Can we try something else?


She will be here tonight.

This suit is too good for me.

Give it a shot, Vijay.


The situation was getting difficult to deal with.

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He knows ten languages.

Kim didn't come to school yesterday.

Skincare is important.

Nobody saw them do it.

It may be quite harmless.


I think we just have to be patient.

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I heard my name called in the dark.

Love is the miracle of civilization.

Noam often borrows money from his friends.

I polished my shoes.

I don't have any male siblings.

Pardon, what have you just said?

Andrew doesn't study hard enough.

In early times, inventions were often stumbled upon by accident.

The woman is reading.

She stood there looking at me.

I want to kiss her goodbye.

Sedovic prided herself on her beauty.

Herbert said very little.

The roof is covered with sheet metal.

What could Ric possibly want now?

Enough already!

How did the rehearsal go?


We all know that blue-eyed red-heads are sensitive to sunshine, burning more readily than darkskinned people.

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I often visited the museum when I lived in Kyoto.

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I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find another place to live.

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I skipped French class today.

You'll find domestic articles on the third floor.

Rajarshi told me he had to work late.

Kirk is not capable of multitasking.

She can't even speak her native language without making mistakes.

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I'll be back by seven or eight o'clock.