I'm actually being quite serious.

Give me a beer.

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Juliane is the richest guy I know.

The meeting's about to start.

Tell us how to get out of here.


I figured out a way to make more money.


I want to leave here as soon as possible.

I have one elder brother and a younger sister.

Who'll eat the rest?

This is a school.

So where're you going?

Be kind to little animals.

Papa, let's have a face-to-face laugh battle!

I met her on my way here.

He can't sing.

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Randy got out of jail.

Where was Guido Fawkes tortured?

There's no wind tonight.

The awkward moment when your neighbour sees you break his fence.

The oranges in this bag are rotten.


I protest!

I've got Srinivasan's address somewhere on my computer.

This is the decisive duel.

I can tell whether it's Dad or not by the sound of his footsteps.

We deserve better.

He handed her a bouquet of flowers.

It's almost impossible to work out this problem.

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Sid is prepared, isn't he?

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I haven't seen her since last month.

Matter can be solid, gaseous or liquid.

We carried a map with us in case we got lost.

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We were speculating.

Have you spoken with him?

The mutineer was made to walk the plank.

She put her glasses back on.

I'm excited about learning German.

Must I attend the party tonight?

Stephen has written a couple of books.

She and her friends are mad about music.

We need heroes.

I have a complaint.

Why have you deceived us?

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I want you to come to Boston with me.


Truly my mother bore me as one of evil fate.

I'm sorry, you are not allowed to.

This is beyond frustrating.

It is better to accomplish the smallest feat in the world, than to lay low for a half hour.

You're a fool.

Don't move, or I'll shoot you.

Amir should do what Stagger says.

By the way, how many of you are keeping a diary?

Dorothy fell asleep on guard duty.

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Why doesn't Johann want to hang out with us?


She excused herself for coming late.

Donne looked through the window and saw Saul.

I hope that you learn.

It seems that the stuff about the fine was made up.

I'm not sure, but perhaps Liza is already dead.

Alex pulled his gun out of his holster.

Are we going to eat?


Why don't you invite a friend over?


Elwood walked over to the desk.

Do you have something to say?

I'll join you in the library.

Olaf currently lives alone in a small apartment.

I've got two tickets for the concert. Wanna come?

I got my decayed tooth pulled out.

What's the most addictive game you've ever played?

That sounds really great.

We have great deals on furniture.

Did Niall eat all the cookies?

This cap belongs to them.

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I believe them.

Be patient with Jacobson.

Pedro was a very funny man.

On the whole they had really good luck.

You're the one who suggested we eat Chinese food, so don't complain.

What happened? The car's slowing down.

We don't know where he is.

Danny didn't want us to come to Boston.

Please put those on the table.

Did Kim say why Calvin went to Boston?

You must speak clearly in company.

I need a doctor, where can I find one near here?

Tai is under a lot of pressure.

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I'd do anything for you, Shankar.

She had achieved her objective.

There is a mistake in the sentence.

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Have you seen Dawson's passport?

I have to give myself up to studying for final exams.

You must take this medicine, whether you like it or not.

When was the last time you circumcised a little boy?

Rex and I both want to go to Boston.

Gale must be found immediately.

This description is too abstract.


I'm thinking he was a kind man.

She is holding it.

Jarvis's room isn't very large.

The stories that circulated about the old graveyard were contradictory, but nevertheless made your heart freeze.

Concentration is a very simple thing.


Was Joe with you yesterday evening?

The exact same thing happened to Shutoku.

That guy is always asking his parents for money.

The natives heard a gunshot and thought that the invaders were in the forest.

If you could choose the genes for your children, would you?


We took the quickest route.


Is this Stevan's residence?

His country was looking for a new socio-economic system because the present one was not working too well...

Hit me.

There are so many example sentences using "Glenn" and "Mike". It's very strange.

Should I wait for her to come back?


It seems impossible that you're that old.


The poor man eats when he can, but the rich man eats when he wants.

Al wants results.

I thought I'd left it at home.

I just want to see him.

You can't just walk away.

Let's start with this.

This record still stands.


That's really cool.


No, I am not married.

I'll ask them about it tomorrow.

The soldiers were equipped with weapons.


It's snowing today.

Tigger is sound asleep.

Show me what you want to translate.


The journey matters more than the destination.

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These aims are an important part of the regional development strategy.

Such a stud!

We've tried calling Alvin's cell phone.

Don't you know who that is?

It makes me feel uncomfortable.

Where were these built?

Kiki carefully removed the letter from the envelope.

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This sounds like French.


You better hide somewhere.

The desk is too small for Meg.

Sigurd has been putting aside a little money each month.

I'm sorry to say I don't get much done.

He ended his life by jumping off a bridge.


Shankar is a junior majoring in marketing.

Looks aren't everything.

Why don't you just sit there and listen?


The dog is sleeping in the car.

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I sent this drum to my father.

Darrell is very friendly.

He made good use of the money.

I'm told that eating jelly helps grow strong nails.

Communities that are highly dependent on fishing must implement much broader restructuring processes, since the activity of fishing fleets is decreasing.

Jose was kept under sedation throughout the procedure.

We have to try harder.

What would you do now?

Let's go by bus.

The five documents treat of the French post-revolutionary situation.

Who is this letter from?


You worry too much about your weight.

What's your plan with Howard?

How much money is lost?


Cindie doesn't look very confident.


The strange noise only lasted for about thirty seconds.

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Can you save enough money for the down payment?

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We agreed to start early.