He burned for his moment of triumph.

Please forgive me for forgetting to call you.


I want those responsible for the massacre brought to trial.

Christopher told me that he had feelings for me since he first met me.

Jong went on a blind date.

I'll call on him tomorrow.

Mwa turned scarlet.

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The trip out was more pleasant than the return.

I really need to see Yvonne today.

He likes women with violet eyes.

I know why you're here.

Did I really do that?

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Franklin comes here almost every weekend.


They probably thought that you were not one of us.

Did you ever confront them?

Why's Kay doing that?

Julius lives in an apartment complex.

Nobody saw us leave the room.

Nobody noticed her absence.

Some people just never learn.

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Ramanan put gas in the car.

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She is gaining weight.

He is badly off, because his book doesn't sell well.

Dean can write almost like a native speaker, but his pronunciation is terrible.

I called up my friend to congratulate him on his success.

If I knew the answer to the question, I would tell you.


We used to have aeroplanes, but we had to sell them.

Both you and I must take care of the dog.

I'm thrilled with my purchase.

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He is always vague about his intentions.


He just recently introduced his new girlfriend to his mother.

Do I look like I care?

The test was easier than I thought it would be.

I made fun of Lawrence's accent.

He got full marks in mathematics.

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Lawrence is living with his uncle now.

I explained the rules to her.

May I ask you to send this to New York?

Cancer is a great enemy of mankind.

Let's play dodge ball.


I was born to make you happy.


What are you gonna do, Carole?

I couldn't understand anything Dustin said.

What he's trying to say is quite sensible in a way.

I cannot appreciate his logic.

Terry worked really hard at it.

Why would anyone else want this?

Cindie started working when he was thirteen.

It makes me wonder how much you really loved Kenneth.

There's a movement from a context to another.

There are people you have to watch through the beer goggles.

They did not want to support him on this issue.

Would you like a seat?

Why didn't you go to Germany?


Hang on till I get to you.

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One could not guess that the setting of that film was Australia's Great Barrier Reef.


She was depressed by all her problems.


The teacher pokes his nose into everything.


Linley agreed to think about it.


The police can ask you to give your name and address.

Gerard followed behind Tai.

It's my duty to talk to you.

Dating him is probably a bad idea.

At the moment they think that the accident is due to his carelessness.

The answer is simple.

We really need to get going.

He shut up the money in the safe.

Could you take this, please?


Our meeting room is dirty. It's a shame.


Is this the right way to Yokohama Station?

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It was Justin who washed your car.

In a sense, you are right.

Nowadays prices of commodities are very high.

The square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.

Have you ever visited Kyoto?

They set out for London.

I will have to change my ways.

She hates carrots.

Thirty-four of them were lawyers.

John played guitar and his friend sang.

A bus carrying journalists was attacked in Rio as it passed near the "City of God" favela.

I ate while you were at the supermarket.

Patty began to beat his daughter.

I wonder if Emily can hear us.

I used to be like him.

I don't think you need that much money to buy what you need.

Shanghai is among the largest cities in the world.


They drank tea with lemon, for his nagging cough, with his usual lump and a half of sugar.


Erik found Hsuan.

Who taught you to write?

Open up a tab for her.


You need to figure out what you're doing wrong.

She kept on dancing all through the party.

My dad is complaining; he's been constantly busy since last week.

He has a funereal bearing.

I'm quite sure Byron won't do that.


Loyd didn't know that he was doing anything wrong.

He submitted his written opinion.

I have a very good memory.

Ric ended up not coming.

We're in position.

I almost started my own business.

Don't wait too long.

Stand where you are!

There was a linguistic mediation between aborigines and immigrants.

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This is a movie for men.


It's a kind of virtue to keep one's temper.

Whatever you do, carry it through.

We don't have any bread left.

Please take care of Mann for me.

Are you from a planet solely populated by women?

Will you take us for a drive next Sunday?

This is probably a real diamond.

Nowadays, the majority of European countries is ruled by social democrats, but there is a noticeable increase of right-wing extremism.

I wonder why Charles was in such a bad mood.

Ruth tried to relax, but he couldn't.

The train arrived on time.

It's impossible to return Native Americans all of their ancestral lands.

My car has been broken into.


You can't just not pay someone for work you hired them to do.

I think this photo was taken in May.

We'll take a look.

You should always try to eat healthy food.

Can't you ever be punctual? I have been waiting here for one hour.


You may be right about that.


I'd like to help you, but I'm a bit busy right now.

Which is longer, the Shinano River or the Agano River?

You need to stop wasting time.

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The actress murdered her lines.

I need to do an exam in January.

Capital investments planned by major Japanese businesses for this year have been revised upward in view of an improving economic outlook.

We protested, but it was in vain.

Did Ralf play tennis yesterday?


Don't fail to lock the door.

I am a damage doer.

I wish I could go with Amy.

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We express our thoughts by means of languages.


My heart is hurting.

Clean the apparatus only with dry cloth.

Kylo should get started.


An atom's dimensions are extremely small.


You're kidding me.

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On Saturday we went to the movies, then to the restaurant.

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Please tell me what happened.

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We cannot have our own way in everything.


That does seem to happen a whole lot.

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Jennifer started celebrating after he kicked the ball into his own net.

Maybe he's dead.

You are mad to try to do it all alone.

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It's not black and white.


Have you heard anything about the organization?

It was not until yesterday that I learned the truth.

He was an early riser in his youth.

Is Niels always like this?

Why don't we talk in your office?

The scene lying before us was very beautiful.

He stopped in many towns and cities to make speeches.