I will fight you.

I hear you've been hanging around with Ron.

It's getting hotter.

I can't follow the course of your argument.

Takeuchi isn't supposed to come here.

I fainted.


He could not attend the party because of illness.


Before I went to bed, I set the alarm clock for seven.


Would you like something smaller?

She always cries when he is drunk.

Norman won't catch me.

What are we having for dinner tonight?

That makes it easier.


Sit over there and shut up.


If you believe society hasn't made anything worthwhile, then you might believe also in mass destruction.


When morning dawned, the Princess came to see if he was still alive.


What happened to them?

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I'd already pressed the red button but nothing happened.

He was accused falsely.

Give me the same, please.

I don't wish to interfere.

What's done is done. It's history.

You won't be able to get there on time.

If that's what you want to do, do it.

Marcel isn't interested in art at all.

I come from a village.


She is busy preparing for the trip.

She used to live with him.

Now things have changed.


What do you find so amusing?

It's a unique situation.

I always get up at 6 o'clock in the morning.

I trust Ken.

Hey! I'm Sepideh.

Do you still think Del is guilty?

The driver is deeply attached to his old car.

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How do you know Spencer didn't lie to you?


I'm going with you.

It must've been Philip.

I'm bursting for a pee.

He wondered why they looked excited and tried to get their attention.

Try to stay still.


The fact that he was sick was not very impressive to her.


Breathe in deeply.


The suitcase is packed and I cannot add anything.

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Ted is outspoken, isn't he?


I saw my friend to the station.


Stop this mess right now!


I love everything about Sharon.

The truth is that I don't know anything about it.

Every large volume has problems with the binding.

I happened to witness the bullying in the corridor.

There are very few websites in native Tartar online.

Vistlik asked Mariou to help.

I think it needs a tune-up.


It's another ball of wax.


He was given ten years and his wife three.

Within seconds, Dan's life will change forever.

We'd just like to ask you a few questions.

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How can we find Raanan?


I really need your help.

Simon wanted to make a mix CD of music for Jarl, but all he had were DVD blanks.

This restaurant is full of young couples.

After a battle casualties are usually heavy.

Those are all important.


It is an open secret that he deals in weapons.

Water is life.

Follow behind me.


Why do cats' eyes shine in the dark?

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I know that she is Spanish.

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.

My career in the government includes many overseas assignments.

Everybody is concerned about that.

Don't forget to set your alarm clock.


How long will he remain in Moscow?

It's so painfully obvious.

Are you going to help us?

Kurt worked hard yesterday.

How was the error observed?

There were lots of them.

I often skip breakfast.

Son, help me fix my car.

Three years is a long time, I feel.


He wants to go to the United States.


What does this stand for?


Robbin didn't call Brett, did he?


Today is the hottest day this year.

While dreams cannot tell you what will happen to you in reality, they are able to convey your innermost thoughts.

Rajiv said that it probably wouldn't take too much time.

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Norbert looks so much better now that he's swapped his horn-rimmed glasses for the latest style.

Where did you send Sundaresan?

Draw me a sketch of the first floor.

I'm going to pull over at the next gas station.

The car was going forward.

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She had azure hair and a face white as wax. Her eyes were closed and her hands crossed on her breast.

Complete the following form to know who you could have been in a previous life.

One man's medicine is another man's poison.

She must have finished the work yesterday.

Are you from the US?

I think our work here is done.

I'd like it if you would clean this room before I get back.

At any rate, it's all the same to me.

Don't let your ice cream melt.


Chris and Cristina are brother and sister.


Do people ever accuse you of being temperamental?


I was unable to look her in the face.

He's tall, famous and rich.

It seems I have fever.

He did not intend to hurt your feelings.

As far as I know, he's an excellent student.

I've been separated from my family for so long.

We were happy.

Your mother insists upon your accepting it.

I've decided to buy that farm we were looking at last week.

I didn't realize we were late.

Gregge gets up at six every morning.


How many kinds are there?


You're back, are you?

What are your favorite ingredients to put into Miso soup?

I regret not having studied hard for the test.

You can see stars with a telescope.

All TV news are partial.

Who is in charge of errands now?

I know how it ends.


You need surgery.

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Arne, there's a call for you.

Moving a huge boulder is going to be very hard.

There were several rooms still vacant.

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I want to learn to sound more like a native speaker.

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That seat is taken.

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What's Pia done?

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He is playing golf.

I warned Ravindran not to eat anything Caroline cooked.

This ugly yellow reminds me of the color of your bedsheets.

New Age ideas are a refreshing alternative to the staid orthodoxy of traditional Christianity.

Sekar isn't pleased.

Deirdre surprised me.

I'm tired, but I'll study hard.

I took a sleeping pill last night.

He is nervous about it.

Can anyone confirm that?

Saiid took his children to the park.


They were angry about several things.

For the past 10 years, I've fed my dog dry dog food.

I don't think he'll say yes.

Alcohol is also cheap in Germany.

There is no time for merriment.

Her idea differs entirely from mine.

Reid is a farmer.

Antigua and Barbuda is an independent country.

Our guests should be here within an hour.


We have homework.

Tracey seems to be looking for trouble.

I'm going to see Soohong tomorrow.