The members of the jury listened carefully to the attorney.

He has a racket.

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body.

You don't need to be there either.

He seemed disappointed with the results.

How many different schools have you attended?

Am I still on the right road?

Jisheng washed his face.

He tied his son's shoe with a double knot and said, "There, that should do the trick."

We are grilling fish for dinner tonight.

If he wants to succeed at all, he must work harder.

Tony's voice is nice.

If you should fail, don't lose heart.


Do you have difficulty losing weight?


Wait until dark.

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Debi loves dicks.

This is the biggest cat that I've ever seen.

When I was inside my mother's womb, I looked through my mother's navel at the house where I would be born and I thought: "No way I'm going there".


I never should've left you.

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What you've done is unethical.

As far as I can tell, Matti's French is pretty good.

I want to go on a picnic.

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I think you're hungry. Eat.

She can say that again!

Should I feel bad?

Linder said he didn't want anything from me.

Grant found an empty pill bottle under the bed.

Since then, he hasn't contacted me.

It's for you.

Adlai wanted to know where Lisa had been.

I would like to show you my beautiful city.


Those are all great ideas.


I've done exactly what I promised.

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Raphael didn't regret saying no.

It's warm today.

I figured Monica would like Juri.


We know how that'll work out.

She talks to her sister on the phone for hours at a time.

Did you have another fight with Kelvin?

I've got so much left to do.

Could I help you with something?

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I thought Marilyn was Vassos's father.


That's what you don't understand.

How's that going for you?

Since it was Sunday, the store was closed.

I'm warmly greeting you on Tatoeba too.

The human heart has hidden treasures, in secret kept, in silence sealed.


Nooo, Spass! Not you, too!


My brother bought a used car, so it was not very expensive.

No one has ever been able to do it.

I don't want to sit next to her.

I am glad I was not born before tea.

She married Hiroshi against her will.

I can't bear the chill of seeing everybody happy, and knowing myself so lonely and desolate.

Could you keep an eye on my suitcase for a few minutes?


Tracy is grumbling.

When pigs fly!

Does anybody else know about this?


Shirley wanted Pierre to play the violin.

Brett certainly let us know how he felt.

He made a robot.

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Does Ro have an appointment?

What gives you the right to ask?

She carries on smiling even in the face of adversity.

It's important to have courage.

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Raul kept walking.

Couldn't you wait another month to come?


Uri found everything he was looking for.

Go inside and change into your bathing suit.

Do you really expect me to help you?


Bryce would've done the same thing I did.


Nobody can stop her.

This is garbage.

A strong cup of coffee helps me wake up.

Watch the camera for me while I make a phone call.

Arithmetic deals with numbers.


I wish there was more time.

The children sent their Christmas lists to the North Pole with the hope that Santa would read them.

Can we talk with him?

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Howard fell into the mud.


"We have a problem." "What sort of problem?"

She was a Brown before she got married.

Gigi and I had dinner together when you and Saqib were visiting Boston.

Someone stepped on my foot on the train.

I'm glad you've done this for us.

These are for me.

It is clearly inevitable.


It's really unfair.

Have you been living under a rock with sound-proof walls?

I went to the store that was very nearby.

I hate him with every fiber of my being.

Everyone looks the same, except the one standing on his head.

Winnie was convicted and sentenced to death.

I don't want to do it like that.

I'm a cave diver.

It's an annual tradition here in Boston.


This lid is so tight I can't open it.


I'm starting to learn German.

Now they have three children.

She grew worse instead of better with years, and, unfortunately, she was pretty, which caused her to be excused, when she should have been sharply reproved.

Smoking is bad for you.

Histories are more full of Examples of the Fidelity of dogs than of Friends.

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I promise I won't tell anyone why we're here.

You speak French very well. I wish I could speak it as well as you.

Our picnic was ruined by insects.

You're disobeying orders.

Turn up the TV.

Dominic is a new hire.

Bret has to work on his own.

I just want this day to be over.

He won a free car.

Dawn wrote a suicide note.

Vassos plowed the field.

See you on the weekend.

Son got a ticket for speeding.

I've done with him for the future.

Let us make an effort -in parallel with our efforts to identify ungrammatical English sentences- not to lose through neglect our patrimony.

He was educated by his grandfather.

Duncan is forgetful, isn't he?

They worked as diligently as a hive of bees.

I worked in Boston.

I was able to knit.

You'll get brownie points if you respond quickly.

Stagger told Andreas that he was in love with Alice.

Instead of studying Italian, I'm wasting time on a bunch of nonsense.


I forgot all about them.

I don't think we have much time.

I had dinner ready for you.


He cannot speak either German or French.

Kaj isn't funny.

A French airliner is cleared for take-off.

I persuaded Kory to let me use his car.

The train was moving at 500 miles per hour.

They say fate will catch up with you. That was God's way of punishing him.

The transnationality of the European blogosphere is still underdeveloped.

A good lie is easier to believe than the truth.

And what do you base your demand on?

I don't think you'd enjoy it.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill.


I knew John would do something romantic.

Ira made a fortune in oil.

Along with the plants, animal life, too, was developing in harmony with the strict requirements of the land.

We should save some cake for Son.

The room was anything but tidy.

I highly doubt Julian wants to see you.

Matters are getting worse and worse.

I don't care what Mah wants.

The half of the Moon facing the Sun is always lit.

God save this state and this honorable court.

The Canadian health care system is paid for by tax revenue.

I applied for a summer internship.

You wouldn't want to do that.

I have a pretty good idea where Sridhar went.

I thought we could hang out together.

While he was reading a newspaper, his dog was lying beside him.

The land came into the market.


You had better get dressed now.

Until now sugar had been detected in my urine once, however this time there is only albumin.

Liza doesn't know how to express his feelings.

Jordan made me promise not to say anything to Blake.

They all envied my new car.

It's a beautiful picture.

You may call him a fool, but you cannot call him a coward.

It wasn't that serious.

You must put an end to your foolish behavior.


One man's medicine is another man's poison.