Sam doesn't know whether he should take on the job or not.

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Could you give me the 12mm wrench please?


Let us do the first step!

We can't all be perfect.

You shall not use this form while speaking American English.


We must find Lou.

As per commutative law, I understand that it is -(-x) = x, 1/(1/x) = x .

Bad weather hindered the air raid.

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They seemed really despondent to find that their project didn't boost profits like they thought it would.

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The doctor said I needed to learn to live with the pain.

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I sat by his side.

He hates running.

This time Clarence succeeded.


When did you get back from your trip?

A leak has been found at Tokyo Electricity's Fukishima reactor number 1, and 150 liters of waters have escaped into the sea.

Elliot has given us all of this.

Joe listened to what Patty had to say without showing any emotion.

The people in Brazil were proud of him.

Could I speak to you, in private, please?

She was taken ill on holiday and had to find a doctor.

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She went on the stage when she was 16.


Don't rely on what he says.


I remain committed to making amends to everyone I have hurt.

Dylan is as impatient as ever.

Steve hasn't yet said anything to me about that.

The gardener didn't let us walk on the grass.

Don't tell me you're tired.

Maybe we'll play some basketball.

Yesterday was Sunday.


She always looks happy.

They have won a victory over us.

I've been waiting for you for three hours!

I just fainted. That's all.

Calm down; he's just teasing you.

Ted has been evicted.

They say that Venice is a beautiful city.

Rees showed his photo album to me.

I was on Flight 001 from Tokyo.

Any port in a storm.

She made herself useful about the room.


He has been to Hokkaido.


I'm not a patient man.


Hartmann didn't even have enough money to buy a cup of coffee.

You can't deny him anything.

Matthieu is extraordinary.

Mat isn't up yet.

That charity is named after someone who contributed about two billion yen.

The battle checked the empire's expansionist tendencies.

He observed many types of creatures there.

The Treasurer's budget speech was punctuated by regular shouts of "Hear, hear!" from members on his side of the House.

Why would Arne be angry at you?

I was a criminal.

I think I've been brainwashed.

They're interrogating him.

Icebergs had been grounded on the beach.


Isn't the weather bad?


Deborah is a librarian.

Speak more slowly, please.

Lanny often stays up all night.

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Taking her lute in her hand, she began to play so beautifully that one felt as though one could never hear enough.

I realized one month had passed without my making good my promise.

Who'll fight?

I'm just not attracted to you.

Did you know that the star nearest to Earth is the Sun?

I'm not worried about what might happen.

Are you willing to change?

So, how should one behave?

Road rage is a serious problem in the USA.

Kristen didn't come home that night.

We're not the police.

Several companies currently produce cosmetic products containing extracts of animal placenta.

She lay on a sofa with her eyes closed.


I dropped my earring.

I have more in common with Ram than Rhonda.

He wanted a back massage.

He'll have to forget about you.

I take a strong attitude toward her.

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Are you sure what we just saw wasn't a monkey?

Who talked?

I'm supposed to wait for them.

There is nothing for it but to do it this way.

The person in charge was named Willie.

The house is not impressive if you're thinking of size.

She's extremely happy.


What is your greatest project?

We can see his house over there.

There is gold in green forests.


Elric put his glasses back on.

Axel is riding high these days.

He acted on my advice.

May God give us a good day!

That book is easy.

There can be no enduring peace in the Middle East as long as Washington's neocons continue to run US foreign policy.

He accepted our offer.

You've got skills.

Draw me a sheep.

Would you care for some food?

He derived much pleasure from books.


Wendell moved closer.

A celebrity is a person who is known for his well-knownness.

Let's hope for the latter.

That can be said of mankind at large.

Sumitro is probably more scared than Raghu is.

I'm going to find him.

I'm really lonely.

I don't want to say that to Case.

They're afraid.


Please be quiet, everybody.

Mikael didn't want people to think that he was flirting with Darryl.

I wouldn't want anybody to see us.

We've been sabotaged.

He always arrives on time.

I like to write in French.

Who wants hot chocolate?

We tried to stop him.

I reached out and touched Dana's hand.

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I hear the service there is good and the food is delicious.

Our true nationality is mankind.

If I don't come, who will?

She was too heavy on the perfume.

Jwahar is writing a book.

Nicolas had not paid the rent.

That was a really dumb thing to do.


Let's quit while we're ahead.


It's difficult to remember details.


I assume you found him.

Everyone believes something different, but there is only one truth.

A lot of people sure tell lies.


Tor doesn't watch sitcoms anymore.

Ernest and Donna both look worried and exhausted.

I've arranged for a bit of privacy.

Are you sure you don't want to live at home with your parents?

I know that wasn't correct.


I don't want it anymore.

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Does this bus go to the museum?

Urban sprawl and chaos create many planning problems.

Todd has always done what's best for his children.


Jane kept silent for a long time.

We make progress only one step at a time.

Anton and Jochen were also present.

The decision rests with him.

How long would a train from Shanghai to Zhengzhou take?

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Something is going on.

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I appreciate what you did earlier.

The U.N. monitored the country's elections.

You are not to neglect your duty.

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I can't believe she did that to me - she turned out to be a real frenemy.


Carsten claims that you stole his bicycle.


You'd be grateful if you knew the whole truth.

Is there anything else I can do?

Did Richard ever say anything to you about what happened?

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The separation of gold from sand is problematic.

Alberto has never bailed.

Marshall left a message, but Manolis didn't call back.

It'll happen again.

She caught him smoking a cigarette.

I thought it best for him to say nothing about the matter.

Whatever happens is okay with me.

"What does BLT mean?" "I think it means bacon, lettuce and... Brad?"

The rumor isn't true.

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Yeast makes dough rise.