You should be careful when crossing a big street.

I never worked with him.

I didn't realize you could speak French.

You look as healthy as ever.

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I wonder how Tatoeba can attract speakers of minority languages.


I'll show that to him.

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She was standing in the middle of the room.

Melanie is reading her favourite book.

I didn't believe him at first.

Sandeep didn't like school until he entered junior high school.

We started our spring plowing early this year.

What do you want me to do about it?

I suggest you get a good night's sleep.

Was that Antony's computer?

They're in trouble.

Put in a little more sugar.

There are more than seven thousand languages in the world.

I'm really mad.

My brother is out of work.

The raspberries taste like a summer's kiss.

Lindsay will never be able to do that without some help.


I want what's best for Al.


They won't give themselves up.

He has a girlfriend but he still flirts with me.

The beautiful woman tore her red dress.

The bird went far away.

I don't want to go back home yet.

Vidhyanath and Tuna are both in the hospital.

Ah! How serene is this temple!

Does Lochhead manage to arouse our sympathy?

If you make a mistake, you pay the penalty.

I'll always care about you.

I wish Mats would stop doing that.

It's going to be frustrating.

I hear my father was as old as I am now when he came up to Tokyo.

Those who know him speak well of him.

I thought I was the only one who knew that.

Elsa was anxious to learn all she could, but Kisika much preferred childish games to anything else.

Robbin started grinning.

He looked away when he saw me as if we were strangers.

The boy was made king before he could write his own name.

I'm sure the reasons are obvious.

My mother and father are sending me to Boston for the summer to visit my cousins.


The car ran into a guardrail.

I want her to stop.

She must have sensed something odd.

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Pandora asked me to keep it secret.


So what do we do now?

She is dogged by misfortune.

He was a strong boy, full of life, before he was stricken with the plague.

I'll join you in the library.

You're OK.

Did you have fun?

Fat chance.

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That horror movie was very scary and I couldn't sleep after watching it.


We bake traditional bread.

Let's dance, my darling.

How many beers have you had?

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I don't think this rain will let up anytime soon.

Will she forgive him for forgetting her birthday?

Hey, what a great idea!

Merton can't sing very well.

You promised not to do anything.


Orville said he didn't know how to do it.

Whichever you take, you will like it.

I just did what Margie told me to do.

Let's try to not do the work.

Uri has a nice voice.

Gilles will be arriving any moment.

The decision is mine.

Let's try another approach to the matter.

I don't have many opportunities to do that.

We couldn't help Edith.

Everyone must obey the rules. Those who don't will be punished.

Why is this only in a foreign language?

Conversion was peaceful and gradual.

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Tobias just happened to be on the same bus I was.

Let's build the country with actions and words.

Nothing will happen.

Anatole doesn't have to do it, but he should.

He robbed me of every penny I had.

Suddenly, the dog started barking.

Jagath was a desperate fanatic.

Germs are too tiny for our eyes to see.

Before getting on a horse, you usually put a saddle on its back.

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I can't allow it.


Now where are you going?

I've got an idea.

Hubert reminds me of my father.

Lead poisoning endangers the health of millions of children around the world.

At least there was one vegan spread.

Kit has a friend who is a wrestling coach.

What's in here, Hillary?


You just mocked me.


Taurus said he had to work.

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The shops are for the most part closed at ten o'clock.

You've never told us how you met Suresh.

I drink beer.

He faces many obstacles.

Do you really think I look like Diana?

I can't afford a lawyer.

He organized a summer rock festival.

I'm just telling you the truth.

He's got more books than all the others put together.

I'm pretty sure I'll never see Earnie again.

I've known about this for years.

Wish me luck.

It was wonderful, wasn't it?

I found a book with a red cover and decided to borrow it.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

Don't hold your rival cheap.

Where should we meet tomorrow?


Do you have any idea who would do this kind of thing?

I wish to work in the laboratory some day.

We can't ignore Saumya's past.

It's very risky.

Go to work, Brodie.

We found it difficult to walk in the deep snow.

Bill climbed the ladder of success until he became the president of the company.

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I can do that better than anyone else here.

I was just talking to him.

Penny has been performing before large audiences lately.

I don't really have a boyfriend.

We were young once, weren't we, Linda?

A good team is a group of individuals who work together to achieve a common goal.

How could you let her do this?


Gene seems fussy.

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The evidence left no room for uncertainty.

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How long does it take to get to the train station?

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Her dream is visiting Paris.

These are all much the same.

Konstantinos told me he needed to get something off his chest.

I see them every day.

May God help you, as you have put yourself beyond the mercy of men.

The bitch is biting her owner.

I am the plaintiff in that trial.

He lost his memory.

The seat of my pants is torn.

How did Jelske know that Joshua wouldn't be here?

I had a cousin who lived in Boston.

We are not alone in supporting the plan.

Where are the children?


What would you have her do?

This piece of land is worth nothing.

I did some modeling when I was younger.


We appreciate your promptness.

Mass immigration enabled the United States to make use of their enormous resources and smash the industrial monopoly of European countries at the end of the nineteenth century.

We need to find him right away.


I know you recently retired.

Dr. Hawking was diagnosed with Ameliotrophic Lateral Sclerosis while at Oxford.

She cut her hand with a knife.

He received much applause.

Ravindranath is a heavy tea drinker.

Why don't you go for a swim?

The proof of the futility of harsh drug laws is this: in the country that has come down the hardest on drugs and drug users, spending billions of dollars in a decades-long war on drugs, there have never been so many drug addicts.


Corn is the most highly subsidized crop in the United States.

I certainly had no idea Luis was planning to move to Boston.

Kathleen will never understand.

She was brave.

Sergeant didn't come home again last night.

You're perfect for the job.

Is there a problem with Nou?

There was no time to think.

There are so many stars in the sky that I can't count them all.


Death doesn't understand jokes: people call for it, and it comes.

I'll never ever forgive Mitch for what he did.

Have you already decided what to do next Sunday?


I'm really disappointed in you.


I wanted this.