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I believe anything is possible.

Stop grumbling.

Atuqtuaq helps his mother take the blubber from the seal carcass.

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Nelken and Duke made love passionately on the beach at sunset.


The children are already tired.

It was there yesterday.

Don't fall into her trap.


If your orchid has yellowish leaves, it means that it was placed in inappropriate location.

Something's come up, so I can't attend today's meeting.

Seven is a lucky number.

Randall isn't very likely to come.

Could you send someone up to make the bed?


Louise grabbed the half-eaten burrito from Nicolo and started eating it.

Mark held up his hand.

You must be back before ten.


Olof is wearing a red sweater.

It's just an attempt on his part to maximize profits, as much as possible, in the last moments of negotiations.

My favorite word in German is the word for "glove".


Bees are flying among the flowers.

Of course I will go.

The post office is closed today.


We took advantage of the fine weather to play tennis.

Jean-Christophe doesn't look very strong.

We talked for a while.


Granville appears OK.

There's a snag.

The old man was starved to death.

Around the corner comes a paunch. The owner is right behind.

Lewis is a strong man.


It's clear Ilya and Tolerant want to spend time together.


That's the only appliance that I have.

I need a little help with my homework.

She chased after me.

Joachim got sunburned.

Triantaphyllos doesn't like Robin's attitude.

I had the good fortune to be chosen.

I sent Hubert a note.

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Is this the place where the accident happened?

You already know the truth.

I invited twelve people to my party, but one could not come.

Willie didn't answer at first.

Who couldn't be happy here?

The blocks of stone were jointed with cement.

You should do the same.


Jeannette has a website for her business.


Traveling will immensely enrich our minds.

The word "esperanto" means "one who hopes". It was the pseudonym of the creator of the international language.

She'll never notice the difference.

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There are thirty names on the list.

I outrank you.

China has imposed a no-fly zone over several disputed islands in the East China Sea.

This computer has a Pentium processor.

Carole heard Anatole.

I assume you're going somewhere with this.

Kenton opened his mouth to protest.

Yesterday, my wheelbarrow was stolen.

Jerry is going to be in Boston all week, isn't he?

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A policeman asked the girls if the car was theirs.

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I believe it will be quite a long time before the spirit of democracy pervades our daily life.


He could not help jumping for joy at the good news.

I like these two.

I'm going to kill him.


What is the loading capacity of that van?

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I'll join you for dinner.

I wish we had enough money.

He falls in love with Aiesha.

You know how it is.

It may never be known how we silly Anglophones got "baloney" out of "bologna."

It's an hour's walk to the station.

I'm a monster.

He was an excellent scientist, and what is more, was a great poet.

The climate here is mild.

I heard a shot just now.

Harris was stubborn.

She went horse-riding this morning.

Novo has fallen in love with Deirdre.

The minimum wage in Okinawa is 642 yen per hour.

I can't tell you how dangerous that might be.

It took me three trips to the supermarket to buy everything we needed for tonight's party.

I'm crying right now.


Susanne provided few other details.

They used a high-speed camera.

We'll come as soon as we can.

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He sold his house for a hundred fifty thousand euro.


He was born with an incompletely formed heart valve.

Isabelle shut his laptop.

She's the perfect housewife.


Dan didn't even try to hide that feeling.


My son suffers from osteoporosis.

Her parents are older than ours.

How would you describe what the man in the video is doing?

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All participants will receive a T-shirt.

It seems probable.

Orville tried to kill himself yesterday.

The weather report says we'll get three inches of snow.

The money involved is substantial.


Whatever you do, don't say anything to upset Tovah.


You're not the only one here who wants to go home early.


Sharada is a rather smart child.


Why buy a calculator if you already have one?

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You must reboot your computer.


How many elevators are there in this shopping mall?

Fix this.

If he had been a little more careful, the accident would have been avoided.

He is a man of weak character.

We are having lunch.


I'll meet him there.


Yes, sausage and sauerkraut please.

Can I pay online?

Why don't you and I continue this discussion in private?

They refused to publish my book.

I know exactly how much it means to you.

Things don't always turn out the way we plan.

I wonder what I should do today.

I'd kill you if I could.

I guess it's only natural.

The scariest thing in life is uncertainty.

I'm not feeling relaxed.

The girl looked ill.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden.

The ship dropped anchor.

The company provides workers uniforms, but it's expected they will wash them regularly.

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Everything was just so hard.

I have to buy food and drinks for the party we're giving this evening.

I don't know how to contact you.

We can't let Michelle go.

The stars sparkle like diamonds.

Thanks very much for doing this.

Brent doesn't know the first thing about bowling.

I'm much better today than I was yesterday.

We live close to the school.


Are you texting him?


He does not have anyone to play with.

This is kind of a special circumstance.

I'm not the jealous type.


It's only a theory at the moment.


Put your clothes on the bottom shelf.

That used to belong to him.

You had better tell him the truth.


The room is fully furnished.

Why does he always behave so badly?

He looked uncertain what to do.

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Are you for or against this?


I'll be waiting here for you at 2:30.

Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.

Nebraska is on the plains.

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If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here.


Only three people were in the room.

Shall we go soon?

We've got some new business coming in and I want to discuss it with you. Do you mind getting involved?

Make sure that the gas has been turned off.

Lorraine didn't seem very interested in going to the concert with us.

Loyd was lucky yesterday.

Stop acting like a spoiled child.

What's the best way to approach a girl?

How beautiful she is!