Living in the country, he rarely had visitors.

That's my car.

Oh my God, I can't believe this.


Everything is copacetic.


Everything seems OK.

Ray didn't know what to do with the extra food.

Mwa got over his cold.

We are from Canada.

What a queer story!

Vic's mood has changed.

Wings to the bird, mind to the human.


Priscila Meirelles from Brazil won the title of Miss Earth in 2004.

He didn't speak to me at all.

There's no poison in this fish.

She ordered three dinners.

I can try it.

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She could not help thinking that health is important.


My decision was based on a dealer recommendation.


Dave doesn't have the experience necessary.

I figured you could use some help.

If you're tired, rest.


The extraordinary session of the Diet will last four weeks.

Were you able to find her?

This is how we cook rice.

Srinivas has a special gift.

I have heard about this kind of thing, but I have never seen it.

Don't let it get soiled.

The rainbow forms an arc in the sky.

She is careless about dress.

They come from the same town.

I overslept and was not able to catch the bus.

William was an accomplished musician and a conductor. He gave Caroline voice lessons and trained her in mathematics as well.


Bring your own mug.

Clearly, that wasn't enough.

Shirley says he doesn't want to go to school today.

That's the ugliest baby that I've ever seen.

I have sisters.

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I know you're responsible for this.

Did I tell you I think you're pretty?

Dan has a copy of the police report.

You know where I live.

The storm prevented me from going out for a walk.

My heart stopped beating.

You let us down.

He does not need to eat, he is just greedy.

Get back before midnight, or you will be locked out.

What else should change?

I don't want to go to sleep right now.

Where is his dog?

He did not believe in physical space flight, but astral projection through the vastness he considered possible.

I like your scarf.

Gail suffered severe head injuries in a fall from his bike.

It's important to tell the truth.

Relax and do the test.

I can do it too!

In for a penny, in for a pound.


Alfred wished he had had the courage to jump into the river and save the baby that had fallen in.

Your alphasyllabary needs better vowel marks.

I'm going to make a drink.

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She refused to go with me.

Save your energy. You're going to need it later.

Several children are playing on the beach.

There was almost nothing in the room.

Stefan said that he doesn't like this color.

Ragnar has good knowledge of working instructions and technical regulations.

You don't have to go inside. You can pay at the pump.

It was Socrates who laid the foundation of logic.

Why did you help me?

Don't be surprised if all of a sudden you forget who you are.

Although astrology has no scientific basis, it's very popular and it seems that many people believe in it.


A triangle has three angles, and a hexagon has six angles.


Your mother has always loved you.

Hey boys, what's up?

Tahsin was the victim of an advance-fee fraud.

Dan tied Linda's hands.

He finds it undignified to translate such simple phrases.

My whole body is sore.

Even walking till my legs turned to lead I couldn't find one that I liked.

I'd know you anywhere.

He dived.

It's almost bedtime.

Don't talk rot, Shirley.

He would sometimes study late at night when young.

I chose him a nice tie.

Did you have a date?

Richard will make the beds.


I won the scholarship.

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He has a bad reputation with his students.

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Mr. Ford is what is called a self-made man.

Everyone hoped for a snow flurry for Christmas.

My parents objected to my studying abroad.

I didn't use to watch so much television.

You can download the instruction manual for the heat exchanger here.

He is seeing one of his secretaries behind his wife's back.

Life has never been harder for me than it is right now.

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I dare not go back.

I'm usually not this indecisive.

I've been thinking a lot about Alexis lately.


Ssi told me about what happened to Irwin.


The students at that school wear uniforms.


Burn this rubbish on the fire.


Mosur is going to be punished for what he did.

Napoleon's army advanced on Moscow.

It was lucky that I was here.

She was obliged to marry the old man.

You have to have an audition before you can join the choir.


Because of heavy rain my car broke down.

I expect this is your first time for this.

Jim is no more to blame than you are.

We weren't given any food or water.

Lojban is the Andy Warhol of languages.

I had no choice but to come.

Seychelles is called "Sesel" in Seychellois Creole.

It's a bad plan.

The quadruplets are only distinguishable by little jailhouse tattoos behind their ears.


He's a man you can rely on.


But what taxes would I then have to pay for that inheritance?

If you want to tell Alastair, tell him.

At least I got something right.


She knows how to make up.

He was wearing black trousers and a beautiful white shirt.

I was bitten by a dragonfly.

Oh my God! There is no objection in your kingdom.

She was unable to come because of illness.

She looked after my children last night.

He felt the most divine joy that he had experienced since his birth.


Suicide is an act of desperation.

According to Shamim's doctors, his condition is incurable.

I never wanted to talk about what happened.

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For a short time, Mohammad lived in Boston.


Stay put. I'll come and get you.

They won't know.

None of us are cowards.

Always yield to traffic from the right.

I wish I could cook as well as my mother.

At first, I thought he was crazy.

He faded into the fog like the memory of a ghost long forgotten.

My boss was satisfied with what I did.

I should've listened to my father.

I know you'll do an exceptional job.

You do look a lot like her.

Just promise me you're going to be careful.

She abetted him in escaping from prison.

Praise be to God!

My nephew ate bread with tomato sauce on it.

What's happening tonight?

I saw Kevan talking on the phone.


All you're doing is trying to escape reality.


Jarmo and I live near each other.

She had a flower in her hand.

All the trainees share the burden of toil.


Tokyo is the most expensive town in the world.

My wrath shall far exceed the love I ever bore.

Lin doesn't seem particularly trustworthy.

You're a guest here.

Would you like me to come with you?

Many of the city's leading restaurants close down for the whole of August.

I think everybody should learn another language.

A year has passed since he came here.

The road parallels the river for a few miles.

We will give Father a birthday present.

Bradford kissed the tip of Kelly's nose.

I'm the one who called you guys.

My family are all well.


Izumi just couldn't stop himself from eating the whole bag of potato chips.

The kite got caught in the tree.

Are you against my plan?