I've tried to explain it to Barrett.


He has made his way in life.


Laurie, wait up.

You've done more than enough.

As a child, when I was sleepless mother sung me lullabies, and my grandma told me stories through the night, to shut my eyes.


Finders keepers.


Floyd will never catch me.

All the students in the class like Mr. Smith.

Were you chasing after the butterflies?

Maybe Kee doesn't want you to worry.

My mother bakes bread every morning.

What did Nhan think of your outfit?

Cristi gave us something in a small box.

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He was about to explode, but checked himself.

Huey may borrow my car any afternoon next week.

They bought (it).

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Nobody lives there.

Is this big enough for you?

I'll meet you after work.

I saw you and Jennie kissing.

They said that they had been in Mexico for five years.

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I didn't want to tell you.

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I'll say this: I am innocent.


Most people have very little imagination.

What do you find so interesting about this website?

Louis is helping us with our inquiries.


A niece is a daughter of one's brother or sister.


Kevyn is a world-famous bus conductor.


I don't believe what you're saying.

There are people who talk just because they have a mouth.

I've got another commitment this evening.


Eddy took a commercial flight to Boston.

This year I think I'll grow corn instead of potatoes.

Why did you let this happen?

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I'm beginning to understand why.

The chemical symbol of scandium is Sc.

They found Mitch.

She's the kind of person who likes to turn everything into a competition.

Australia is not Austria.


During the orgy Megumi ran naked round the lawn.

He is always dwelling on the pleasures of the past.

He is by no means kind.

The question is how will we deal with this difficult situation.

I don't need it now.


Why did you cancel your trip?

The most serious threat to our institutions comes from those who refuse to face the need for change.

Reading is the kind of habit that once acquired is never lost.


Rod pulled over to the side of the road.

The secretary noted down what her boss had said.

She tried not to look disappointed.


I don't want to hurt Amarth again.

Tell Lynne that I already know how to do that.

You two should get married.


Let's put together a pro-soccer team for Nagasaki!

My parents are travelling overseas for a week.

Can I speak with the director?


I don't feel like working today, so let's go play soccer.

Pravin is more optimistic.

He went home.

I studied my part in the play.

Fred robbed me of every penny I had.

State your business.

We have to finish preparations for the party by tomorrow.

Margaret has offered to walk Kay home.

What kind of insurance do you have?

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I cannot rinse the dishes. There is no water.

The last city on my list was Boston.

You may come and go at will.

Where are you scheduled to visit?

It is the first step which is troublesome.

Why do you look so white?

You are adding new names to the list, aren't you?

He demanded a large sum of money from me.

I was hoping you'd come back.

Do you have a daughter?

It was a problem that was difficult to solve.

Will you look at this?

Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

We're planning to tear down our house.

This hole was formed by a falling of a meteorite.


Psychology is the science of the mind.


Long live the Tatoeba Project!

He gave me some books.

All people shall have the right to maintain the minimum standards of wholesome and cultured living.


Let's talk about them.

Give her a chair.

I've already wasted a couple of afternoons trying to get this car running.

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Seth reached for the check.

He has never played golf.

It's time to leave.

The red rose made a nice contrast to her white dress.

Eddy was afraid to tell his parents about what had happened.

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I'm not coming in today.

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We seek happiness.

You should go on to a technical college.

Sergio is very good at what he does.

He is prejudiced against her.

Amy asked Samir to stop the car.


Hold him down.

Serdar worked much harder than anyone else.

He's away for the weekend.

Emily goes to school.

That pianist is known for his skill.

I'll get some ice.

Torsten is happier now.

This book is also available in French.

That's what's so scary.


I want a lawyer.

Don't scream, or I'll scream louder.

Was anybody else absent?

Washing your hands regularly is a good way to protect yourself from diseases.

I was about to leave home when the telephone rang.

I can always take the bus back to Boston, right?

I like her dark eyes.


Wolf showed Ray some photos of John.


My father is retiring next spring.

A car passed by in the dark.

It is easy to fake email addresses so that an e-mail looks like it comes from someone else.


Dana told me he was married to a Canadian.

Lunch will be ready soon.

What a misfortune that your father has died, my child. Unfortunately, I can do nothing to help you.

It's not worth the trouble.

This is just water.

Nobody tells me anything.

May I thank you and say good-bye.


I have made it my life's mission to eradicate malaria.

Don't miss out!

A free-trade agreement between Europe and the United States is currently under negotiation.

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We don't. I mean, we could, but right now we don't feel like it.


You need to wait.

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Keep the dog still while I examine him.

Liber was the name he used.

Dan is going to be sorry.

No mountain in the world is higher than Everest.

I'm getting married this year.


You work at nine o'clock.

"It's almost five." "What happens at five?" "You'll have to wait and see."

The dictator abused his privileges to his heart's content.

Shortly after they had gone to bed they were suddenly alarmed by a fearful crash in the hall.

I don't trust this data.

When was the last time you had a checkup?

Why are there disappointments in human life?

Arthur sat alone on the porch smoking a cigar.

The two candidates are neck and neck.

This bread smells very good.

This is my new guitar.

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The planets circle the Sun.


Children these days don't go to school, but instead receive information intravenously.

I wouldn't have the cheek to say such a thing.

Maybe you stem it.

I don't see any customers complaining.

He knows where we live.

I cannot take all the credit for it.

Penny is drinking a diet cola.

Where does your mother live?

How interesting!

Nothing is more important than friendship.

"Me, I'm fascinated by the world of magic and miracles," murmured Maria.

This is a tower.

Sorrel doesn't have to talk to me if he doesn't want to.